Strategic Management is perhaps the most important and crucial for organizational planning and direction. It gives a long-term focus to the organization and ensures that the objectives are achieved within the given time period.

The burden of strategic management usually falls on the shoulders of the top managers in the organization. They may delegate certain strategic management tasks, but basic planning and monitoring remain within their purview. Usually, they prefer to delegate only to experienced or entry-level employees who hold at least a strategic management certificate.

Strategic management comprises the following components:

Goal Setting

The American entrepreneur and life coach Tony Robbins says, “Setting goals is the first step in shifting from the invisible to the visible.” Unless the organization knows what it wants to achieve, of course there is no point in planning for the future. This component is rolling around setting short-term as well as long-term goals. These goals must be SMART, specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.

Gathering Information

The second component of strategic management concerns the collection of information about all the internal and external factors that can affect the implementation and thus the achievement of objectives. for example,

  • Are there sufficient resources in terms of finances and manpower to implement the process?
  • Are there any laws or regulations that should be taken care of?
  • What are other competitors doing in the same place?
  • What are the obstacles and opportunities that may arise in the future?

Strategy Formulation

Once the objectives or goals and research are in place, now is the time to formulate a strategy. It defines actions to be taken to achieve goals. This is the most detailed component of strategic management because how well the strategy is formulated will ensure its success. It also includes the allocation of resources at each stage of implementation.

Strategy Implementation

Now, you have the strategy ready in written form. The next component is to implement it seamlessly. This part is the practical and most rigorous part of strategic management. Everything you have planned is transformed into actual goal-oriented activities and actions.

Strategy Evaluation

On paper, the strategy may seem ideal and doable. But implementation could prove otherwise. There can be certain gaps or deviations from the original layout which could render the strategy futile. To ensure that this does not happen, implementation should be monitored and evaluated at regular intervals. And if there are any issues, they should be plugged immediately.

Predicting the future is a difficult task to achieve. However, preparing for the estimated changes that are bound to dominate the market by considering the current scenario is an art that can be satisfied by strategic management methodologies.

Planning and strategizing are two of the most primitive management pillars. The listed business organizations should pay close attention to the aspect of strategic management in order to achieve the short and long term goals. Effective strategic management measures allow the company to analyze its current position in the market and also help it compare the current performance of the concerned company with industry standards.

Without a solid plan, your organization can only grow and develop to a certain level. Hence, aspiring management professionals should look to gain specific knowledge by enrolling in an online Strategic Management course. Some of the most important stages involved in the aspect of strategic management are given below.

The Start

The most important element of strategic management revolves around the concept of defining and understanding the organization’s specific goals. Setting short-term goals is an ideal way to start, as it serves as a direct blueprint in achieving long-term goals. The roles and responsibilities of individuals and team management should be separated at this initial stage. The process provides each member of the company with a purpose that motivates them in the long run.


To build an effective strategic management module, a thorough market research is required in this stage. Data collected from within the organization and the market helps in formulating a productivity plan that serves as the basis for strategic management. This process allows the company to identify internal vulnerabilities that have affected the company’s operations.

Forming the Strategy

Here, all the data and information collected are used to form a unique strategy that meets all the needs and requirements of the company. Based on the available manpower, the company has to decide and control the asset purchase and the hiring of professionals. Knowing the potential of your resources is very important in strategic management.

Implement the Strategy

Planning is only one side of the coin because it needs to be effectively supported through execution. During this stage, all the employees and the team involved should have a clear idea of ​​the objective of the organization and the plan formulated so that the implementation can be completed perfectly.


This stage includes managing, analyzing, tracking and evaluating all the steps that have been incorporated into the strategic management plan. By this time, you will be able to measure your desired results with the current result and outcome. Likewise, a new plan must be implemented with some modifications.

To learn more about the art of strategic management, be sure to contact experts who specialize in this field of study.

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