If you will join the degree MBA or DBA, so why not a dual specialization degree?

A double major Masters in Business Administration provides (MBA) or DBA enables a graduate employee or business owner with more skills and expertise in various disciplines not just a particular area of business management.

Two-degree programs have updated and integrated curriculum which plays a good role for better knowledge intake.

As a student, you will be cutting costs when it comes to studying and obtaining 2 degrees with a price of one degree because you will not study twice.

Unlike a conventional MBA /DBA degree, this dual major pathway offers a shortcut way to completing two master’s programs so that you will save your valuable time.

You will submit two theses after finishing your studies then you will get your certifications. Benefits of Dual major Specialization in MBA.

1-Market Trends require well-equipped personalities.

The market is always changing rapidly. When you have obtained one specialized degree, you may not be able to cope with the universal breakthroughs and get harmed by higher chances of the catastrophic end of one sector that may vanish by time, but at the same moment, you have the full right to get another degree that will help you to be successful in another sector which may be nourished.

You can wisely choose your specializations so that you take the most benefits out of different marketing updates.

2-Job Security in a fluctuated market.

When you are skilled in several areas of corporate life you will be treated as an asset and a leader within the organization so it is a loss for a company to fire you

HR manager who studied the skills of finance and art of leadership will be much better prepared to handle the payroll and motivational compensational system than the one who is only specialized in HR.

3-Many broad alternatives and full potential.

New wide range of choices and possibilities with new domains and managerial positions coming up, there is a total need for management professionals across all departments.

Dual specialization is like a catalyst to boom your chances to get more versatile roles.


Meeting different people from different specializations makes your network bigger, stronger, and louder.

5- Become an entrepreneur.

When you comprehend the interdependent sciences of business, it will be easier for you to build your own project. You will be successful in your new business because you will be able to face any crisis or problems that you face in your own business right now.

6-Versatility in Career Selection in different countries.

The dual MBA program offers more choices for job hunting in many countries. Each country respects graduates of specific specializations, so when graduates enter for a dual major system, they will be accepted and respected in different countries.

7-Career Shift will be easier because you are an expert in many fields.

We recommend selecting two of these majors listed below:

1-Strategic management

According to published studies and statistics made by PayScale, the top-earning MBA area in 2017 was strategic management and marketing. MBA strategy majors made an annual salary of approximately 100-150 thousand USD. Because of this major, you will find yourself in top-level management and as a published author.


Marketing and Entrepreneurship ranked second overall, as a marketing entrepreneurship major in consulting business, chief of sales as well as PR manager.


As part of your finance module of study, you will sharpen your analytical skills and the ability to dissect complicated financial reports and documents.