MBA Dual-Award with VERN’ University

The MBA program is beneficial for business experts because it helps them learn knowledge, adjust their attitude, correct their mistakes by receiving that knowledge with professors, classmates, or businesses, and applying the principles of peer learning.

The MBA Program provides an overview of the critical and crucial managerial functions based on a new methodology of training, who are busy and willing to work on real research projects to enhance their work experience performance.

MBA students learn by solving practical business problems and investigating case studies to use this market-relevant global knowledge to fix what should be fixed and unleash full potential on a full time or part-time basis.

The time spent on MBA qualification has been developed to conform to the requirements of the RFQ, to meet the requirements of higher education and employers, to meet the needs of learners with the highest courses of study.

MBA Modules

Strategic Planning
Finance for Strategic Managers
Personal Development for Leadership and Strategic Management
Organizational Behavior
Strategic Human Resource Management
Strategic Marketing
International Business Environment
Research for Strategic Development
Project Paper

MBA Majors

1. Project Management

2. Healthcare Management

3. Marketing Management

4. Accounting and Finance

5. Human Resources

6. Logistics & Supply chain

How much an MBA cost?

Element Answer
Regulations All payments must be made within the set deadlines.
Deferred Payment The payment could be done over installments
Study time duration 14 months


Nowadays, as soon as a graduation course draws towards its end, there’s a mad rush to travel for an appropriate postgraduate business course.

Degrees in business opens doors to multiple career options which are high paying and reputed. Multinational companies always seek business candidates for his/her own companies.

The most common field after earning an MBA degree is that the management niche of different companies. However, a part from management, there are numerous options for the learners who can complete their degree successfully.

With growing time, the salary of those candidates grows significantly and helps them to pay back the loan that they need to invest in their studies.

Usually education, position, experience, country, company, and others lots of factors matter when it involves about the discussion of salary.

However, a learner who has a general graduation degree will make significantly less money within the starting of the career than a student who has completed the MBA program successfully.

Candidates with MBA degrees make extra money throughout their career as they begin their career with a higher position and reach the top of the organization within a small period.

Regardless the salary package, another reasons to require MBA degree are:

Scope of job:

An MBA aspirant will face less hardship to search out the opportunity for him/her. A general undergraduate learner might not be so lucky to utilize the large scopes within the job market because of his/her degree. Opportunities are the largest for the MBA candidates.

Career Growth Opportunities:

MBA students can smoothly sail over the journey of touching the highest position from the middle post. However, the journey will be quite difficult for general graduates. After a particular level, the overall graduates can not be placed in more senior position. They are in need to more degrees then. This can never be an issue for the MBA students.

Future Managers are already Friends:

When an MBA student pursues his/her degree from top B Schools, then it’s already known that in future they’ll be senior post holders who give them the eyes of seeing through a greater lens. This encourages the learners to learn more.